How does online tutoring work ?

Amaze Tutors online tutoring is a real-time and interactive way of teaching through the internet. We use an interactive whiteboard with audio and/or video. Both students and tutors are able to draw pictures and diagrams and share files. Your child’s doubts and queries cleared instantly through online tutoring. All you need is a computer/laptop with internet connection and a headphone with mic.

How effective is online tutoring ?

Online tutoring is more effective as it involves one-on-one sessions which facilitate maximum attention of the teachers to each student. The tutors teach students using teaching methods that are fun and interesting to them. Complex concepts are made simpler and easier through the latest teaching methods. The tutors make sure that they improve the grades of their students and help them achieve academic success.

Why should we use AmazeTutors?

We, AmazeTutors can help your child to achieve academic excellence through one-on-one online tutoring sessions. We make sure to improve your child’s grades in school in all subjects you have chosen to be tutored in. We also provide homework help, assignment help, language help and help in Test Preparations and exams.

What are the payment options?

Payment for the online tutoring sessions has to be made in advance. There are different payment options like debit card, credit card, net banking and paypal. Our payment gateways are very safe and provide financially secured transactions.

How many hours of tutoring are recommended for a month?

This varies according to student’s ability and their individual development need. However, a minimum of 12 sessions per months is recommended for consistency and for better performance.

How can I monitor my child's progress?

All our sessions are being recorded for future reviews and parental monitoring. We give you the access to the recorded sessions and regular progress reports of your child through which you can monitor the progress of your child. You are invited to contact us at any time to know more details or give any kind of suggestions that you think will be useful in improving your child’s academic performance. We would love to have the involvement of parents in our online tutoring programs.

Will my child get the same tutor every time?

As far as possible, we make sure that your child gets the same tutor every time. Because we know the importance of getting the same tutor all the time as he/she knows about your child’s capabilities and interests very well and will know the exact teaching method that he/she has to adopt in order to tutor your child. Also, there will be a good rapport between such a tutor and the student.

What is my tutor’s available time?

Our tutors are available 24/7. Hence students and parents have the freedom to schedule sessions according to their convenience and availability. However, sometimes we may need to make adjustments if you want the same tutor every time.

Are the tutors familiar with international curricula?

Tutors are being selected on the basis of their subject knowledge primarily and then undergo intensive training in international curricula. They are also trained to adopt neutral accents so that they can be immediately intelligible to our student base.

How secure is your data?

We subscribe to the relevant data protection regulations applicable in every country in which we teach. Student details are not disclosed to any third party, even for reference purposes, unless legally asked by the students and/or their parent(s). So your data is very much secured.

Is it possible to reschedule a class?

Yes it is possible. You can reschedule any of your classes to any convenient date and time suitable for you and the tutor.

Can I swap the subjects?

Yes you can. Our programme is designed in such a way that you can swap subjects at any point of time during the course.

Can I choose multiple subjects in the same package as you offer tuitions in different subjects?

Yes. You can choose single or multiple subjects based on your need. Also, you are permitted to switch between the subjects with just 24 hours’ prior notice which is subject to tutor availability.

What do I need to get the tutoring session started?

All you need is a web-connected working computer with a working head-set. Your internet connection can be dial-up, DSL, or Cable.